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Saskatchewan genealogy has deep roots in First Nations, fur trading and Metis history.  There have been several evolutionary changes in the geographical history.  Canada received Rupert's Land from the United Kingdom and the Hudson's Bay Company 1670.  July 15, 1870 Rupert's Land the the North-Western Territory become the North-West Territories.  Then, September 1, 1905, Saskatchewan became a province, and was officially inaugurated September 4.

Under Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier,  Minister of the Interior Clifford Sifton initiated a massive immigration policy with colonial offices established in Europe and the United States.  Huge numbers of immigrants arrived to Canada''s "Last Best West" between 1891-1914.  

Genealogical research in Saskatchewan is fascinating, challenging and rewarding.  Saskatchewan Genealogy Resources, is a part of Saskatchewan Gen Web, and is designed to guide the family historian to available research materials.  Saskatchewan Gen Web and its local regions have invaluable searchable databases online through the mailing lists and query boards to help you connect to fellow researchers.

Saskatchewan  Gen Web, theresource and database projects and Saskatchewan Regionsare an online centre for free online genealogy assistance, resources, listings, and databases and information.  The Gen Webs receive transcripts, photographs, and digitized genealogical information from interested citizens, historians and genealogists and the Gen Web volunteers place it online for free access.

Saskatchewan Gen Web Rootsweb was taken offline by the Rootsweb/ IT department to work on issues in their system.  Saskatchewan  Gen Web, the resource and database projects and all the Saskatchewan Regions are restoring data at to serve you better until Rootsweb/ is successful in restoring the original Rootsweb pages.  Announcements occur  periodically on the E-Magazine and on wordpress.  If you wish to see an archived copy of the original Resources web page see Internet Archive's Wayback Machine Saskatchewan Gen Web Resources  



Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, or Vital Statistics, in Saskatchewan provide invaluable information to the family historian. Where are these records located?

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The Digitizing of books online is well established. Books are invaluable in tracing family history, and the history of the province.

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Saskatchewan cemeteries number in the thousands, over 3,400! A number of genealogical, ethnic, and historical societies are actively engaged in digitizing and transcribing cemeteries across the vast province of Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan Cemetery Project

A listing of those cemeteries which have name transcriptions online at the Saskatchewan Cemetery Project.

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Land grants, metis scrip, soldier settlement grants, pre-emptions were land holdings in Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan is fortunate to have a vast selection of libraries for public use, with most excellent resources at the provincial level, university, and regional.

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Newspapers may have announcements about military service, marriages, obituaries, birth announcements, church or school events, sporting tournaments, and results, political or cultural happenings. Before 1920, it was not a common occurrence to utilize the newspaper for obituaries, marriages or birth announcements, that being said, these columns did exist historically

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Resources for Saskatchewan Placenames names. Saskatchewan Places in 5 Easy Steps

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The regions of Saskatchewan Gen Web are provided in order to locate local fellow researchers on query boards and mailing lists.

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Historical one room schoolhouses dotted Saskatchewan in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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